Marine Energy Wales

Marine Energy Wales brings together technology developers, the supply chain, academia and the public sector to establish Wales as a global leader in sustainable marine energy generation, making a significant contribution to a low carbon economy.

The benefits of this industry are being felt throughout the country with the creation of green sustainable jobs, growth and skills providing significant development opportunities for Wales.

Marine Energy Wales supports the sector by providing advice and guidance, and promotes Wales as a key destination for technology developers to set up their projects.

PCF developed Marine Energy Pembrokeshire in 2010 to drive forward the marine energy industry in the local area. In 2016 Marine Energy Wales was launched to represent the industry at a national level.

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Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter

The Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter Group (POCG) is made up of ‘like-minded‘ people who share their passion for adventure with their love of the Pembrokeshire coast and its wildlife. Members include Individual adventurers, outdoor adventure businesses, environmental education centres and conservation groups/organisations.

The group meet regularly and run training events to develop best practice and create voluntary codes of conduct. Their aim is to ensure that adventurous activities do not impact on Pembrokeshire’s beautiful coastline and the wide variety of wildlife that call the area ‘home’.

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Pembrokeshire Marine Code

The Marine Code is a combination of Voluntary Seasonal Access Agreements and Codes of Conduct for minimising disturbance to marine wildlife which helps protect marine ecosystems. The partnership approach which includes local businesses, statutory and non-statutory organisations has been in existence for over 10 years. This collaboration has developed an approach which is viewed as best practice around the UK, helps protect a wildlife boat trip sector that is worth an estimated £9.7m of expenditure per annum to the local economy and is written into Marine Licenses by NRW.

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Coastal Curriculum

Through expert led lessons and activities both in school and out in the field, PCF education programs aim to connect your students to their coastline, unlocking the potential for future careers. With trained staff on hand and excellent links to schools across Pembrokeshire, PCF can offer an array of expertise in the marine sector.

We provide support for:-

  • Businesses wanting to engage with students
  • Teachers wanting to develop cross curricular activities and marine case studies
  • Students who want to take part in work experience in the marine sector

Wales Activity Mapping

WAM is a collaborative stakeholder project created and managed by PCF. WAM maps and describes a range of marine activity on a GIS system. WAM is used by multiple agencies as an evidence base for coastal decision making and planning. The project is a study into the type, amount and distribution of activities (particularly recreational mapping) carried out on the South West Wales Coastline, detailing information on relevant infrastructure and management issues. Information from the project has been used by a number of organisations. The use of the GIS Mapping System is potentially far reaching and wide ranging.

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Neptune’s Army of Rubbish Cleaners (NARC) are a voluntary group of divers with a passion for keeping the underwater environment in Pembrokeshire as pristine as it should be. Since its inception in 2005, NARC has carried out over 100 underwater clean-ups and a number of awareness raising events. NARC can be found at a number of sites within the Pembrokeshire Marine SAC and Skomer MNR throughout the diving season collecting litter that is often having a negative impact on the habitat and the wildlife it supports. Once retrieved the various items are cleaned, sorted, recorded and recycled where possible.

PCF have been approached by NARC to provide project management support including funding, finance, awareness raising and development.

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