Through ‘expert led’ lessons and activities, both in school and out by the sea, PCF’s Coastal Curriculum programmes aim to connect students to the physical, human and environmental elements of the coast. We aim to unlock an interest in the possibility of exciting local careers in this dynamic sector.

PCF endeavours to build excellent working links with schools and colleges together with education officers, training and skills providers and coastal businesses across Pembrokeshire.

With trained staff and STEM ambassadors, PCF are knowledgeable in the current curricula, cross curricular examination syllabus, teaching methods and with our network, we can offer links to an array of experts in the marine sector.

Reflecting the current National Curriculum requirements PCF can provide a platform for marine based teaching, support, resources and outreach for:-

  • Businesses wanting to engage with students
  • Students seeking knowledge and work experience in the marine sector
  • Teachers wanting to develop cross curricular activities and wanting taught lesson or ‘experiences’ with REAL case studies
  • Welsh Baccalaureate leaders wanting REAL case studies for global citizenship activities

For information on PCF Coastal Curriculum and Education Days, contact us on 01646 405694 and see examples of our engagement work below.

Coastal Challenge Dayscc-days17

The interactive coastal challenge days allow students to get out onto the coast , giving them the opportunity to explore the range of positive and negative interactions that happen along the Pembrokeshire coast. Explained and demonstrated by marine and coastal experts, students will learn first hand how and WHY the complexities of the coastline are managed.
PCF can deliver the format of the day to suit your class or your cohort – in the past we have staggered  the four locations across the month or have split the cohort into four groups and with PCF staff coordinating, have delivered them all in one go on the same day. The scenarios and locations include:

  • Sustainable Tourism and Recreation @ Abereiddy
  • Climate Change @ Amroth
  • Marine Conservation Zones  @ Tenby or Martins Haven
  • Marine Renewable Energy @ St Justinian’s

To book a coastal challenge with your school, contact PCF on 01646 405 694.

The project aims to develop critical thinking, problem solving and creativity and innovation throughout.

The proposed challenges will enable learners to explore our relationship with the sea, to understand the importance of our maritime environment, competing demands on it, future trends and opportunities for influencing decision making.

geology-at-amrothA series of four pilot themed events have been developed which are linked to emerging coastal / maritime policy. Activities with the schools are practical and interactive with a field-based event, workshop and follow-up school challenge.

Experts provide information on the theme from a range of difference perspectives, enabling a wider understanding of the complexity of the issue. Questioning and debate is strongly encouraged and lines of communication between the ‘experts’ and the schools will be maintained throughout the project.

Coastal Challenge 2016Pupils are transported to the ‘theme area’ coastal location for introductions to the PCF Team and the experts. The PCF team outline the purpose of the project, activities and introduce the theme. Pupils then get the opportunity to discuss the theme with the experts in greater detail.  All activities are interactive, encouraging pupils to share their own knowledge and understanding on the area / issue.

  • Shoreline Management Planning @ Amroth 
    Coastal Engineer / PCNPA Planner / Local Resident (Community Council) / Geologist
  • Marine Renewable Energy @ St Justinian’s 
    Tidal Device Developer  / Boat Operator / City Councillor / MEP
  • Marine Nature Conservation @ Tenby
    Conservationist / Marine Nature reserve  Team / Boat Owner / Fisherman  
  • Sustainable Tourism @ Abereiddy
    Marine Code coordinator  /Outdoor Charter Group / PCNPA / Conservationist / Activity  Operator

A very enjoyable and informative day , Ms blue-lagoonMaxwell, St Florence School
The children gained so much knowledge about Pembrokeshire, sustainability and tourism whilst having a fantastic time. Thank You. , Ms Moir, Neyland School
An extremely informative but highly enjoyable day. It certainly was a challenge. The enthusiasm of the experts rubbed off on the students. Thank You , Ms Richards, Portfield School

Coastal Curriculum Programme  – KS3

BBB I lesson

Working with Heads of Geography  teachers from local schools, PCF designed  and delivered the new KS3 lesson;  Boats, Business and Biodiversity, how do they all fit together ?

The KS3 Coastal Curriculum programme (CCP) has been joint funded by SDF funding and the Port of Milford Haven and includes a two part lesson with research homework. The lessons will engage with all schools in Pembrokeshire and will teach over 250 students.

Together with classroom lessons, staff  from the Port have also  attended  the ‘Choices Events’  throughout the year to explain the variety of skilled  jobs that are available in the marine sector and locally at the Port.

To book your FREE school lesson, contact PCF on 01646 405694. See examples of  resources and how  lessons  have been managed below.

Lesson I   Aim : To illustrate the global and local uses of the Milford Haven waterway and to look at the importance of the waterway from a business and biodiversity perspective.

Homework  Aim : To research into the variety of businesses that are located on the Haven and think about the future of them.

Lesson II  Aim: To consider a potential tidal turbine development, exploring and discussing the need for renewable energy and how suitable sites need to be selected for such developments.

bbbii-5Lesson I will help students to:
understand how humans use the Haven Waterway :  Import | Export | Vessels | Recreation | Business
identify marine species that also use the Haven waterway :  Pembrokeshire  | Tropical| Invasive species
be aware of the issues and conflicts that face users on the Waterway :  Safety | Navigation | Pilotage

Lesson II will be a role play lesson with sources of specific information and will help students to
Recognise that human decisions can have impacts on the environment
Understand factors to develop a site for a Tidal device.
Consider how a tidal device development may affect marine mammals
Understand need to minimise impact on environment
Be aware of career options

BBBIIThe pupils get far more out of lessons that are delivered by good outside providers, they remember these as they are different from the monotony of regular teaching. Mrs Pretious, STP School

Overall a really nice couple of lessons . Thanks you very much . Mr Manning, Castle School

bbbii-6To discuss resources for your class please contact our Engagement Coordinator
Jodie McGregor
01646 405694

Stakeholder Engagement Events with Students

PCF delivered two  stakeholder engagement daysdscf2455 with year 12 students from Milford Haven School in 2014, in partnership with the Port of Milford Haven and Turley Associates. Initially the cohort of Year 12 students were split into groups. Each group was taken around the docks and were encouraged to come up with ideas on how the area can be improved to help regenerate the town.

The second stakeholder engagement event was held at the school with 6 ‘stations’ covering a different Port scenario. Port staff provided support during the day. The groups rotated around the stations and the students were encouraged to share ideas using aerial  maps of Milford Haven. The scenarios covered different areas of the docks which could be improved such as; 1) Transport and Infrastructure,  2) Nature and Environment, 3)  Entertainment and Socialising, 4)  Retail and Tourism and 5) Jobs and Economy 6) Future Milford Docks

Want to engage with the younger people in Pembrokeshire ? Contact PCF on 01646 405694