Could you be part of the Future Energy industry in Pembrokeshire?

We are thrilled to extend an invitation to learning groups from Pembrokeshire to utilise our industry-standard test facility.

In our endeavour to foster a collaborative learning environment and further the research in marine technologies, we are launching a competition open to Pembrokeshire learners of all ages!

Economic and Social Evaluation of the Outdoor Activity Sector in Wales

In partnership between Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum and the Wales Adventure Tourism Organisation (WATO), this comprehensive survey, involving more than 600 individuals and businesses in spring 2023, identified significant growth in Wales’ outdoor activity sector over the past decade.

Nature Finance Review 2023 Case Study: PCF

The work of Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum around nutrient trading through the Ecosystem Enterprise Partnership is highlighted as a case study in this important area of work.

Ethnic Diversity Toolkit

Discover the Ethnic Diversity Toolkit for the Coastal Sector!

Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum is committed to making the coast accessible and enjoyable for everyone. We're sharing Represent Us (Ltd)'s Toolkit to help improve ethnic diversity in placements and create a more inclusive environment for all.

Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum - Impact Report 2022

As a stakeholder support organisation, the PCF team is proud of our work connecting communities, businesses, organisations and decision-makers. We hope you enjoy reading about our latest impacts and plans! 

Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum finalist for Wales STEM Educational Programme of the Year

Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum (PCF)

Our coast is in high demand and this can be complex to manage. PCF’s expert team brings the community together to deliver innovative solutions to coastal challenges. We are dedicated to ensuring Pembrokeshire remains the unique place we all love, for future generations to enjoy.

Pioneering work has included creation of a Marine Code and Outdoor Charter for Pembrokeshire and an online Wales Activity Mapping tool used to inform sustainable development nationally together with the inception of Marine Energy Pembrokeshire in 2010 and Marine Energy Wales in 2016; bodies which work to establish sustainable marine energy generation.

Committed to delivering bespoke support for coastal collaboration as required; from community based activity to international project delivery. If you have a project that involves coastal management at any level; from community workshops through to national strategic planning and facilitation, PCF can help.

Marine Code

Getting out on the water?

Marine Energy Wales

Growth of Marine Energy

Wales Activity Mapping

GIS Mapping for Management

Stakeholder Engagement

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Outdoor Charter Group

Adventure and Stewardship


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“The relationship building, network and communication that the Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter has provided is invaluable. Having members take out 100,000s of young people, it is important from a National Trust perspective that they know this is being carried out in the right way. The Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter collaborative approach and independent conflict management gives a confidence that activities are being carried out sustainably. The Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter is viewed as a model for best practice on a UK level by the National Trust.”

Jonathon Hughes, National Trust Property Manager for Pembrokeshire

“Having the Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter Group in place makes 2 way communication much easier and passing on NRW conservation messages through to the wider public is important. It enables a consistent management approach across Pembrokeshire with impartiality needed for any conflict management. The development of best practice using a partnership approach is also a key positive from NRW.”

Paul Cuyler, Natural Resources Wales

“MEP is a unique forum for informed discussion, promoting a collaborative approach to marine energy development. This is extremely useful for a developer considering a project in Wales.”

Gavin McPherson, Nova Innovation

“An extremely informative but highly enjoyable day. It certainly was a challenge, but one which we are looking forward to working on to pass on our knowledge. The enthusiasm of the experts rubbed off on the students. Thank You.”

Ms Richards, Portfield School

“The Marine Energy Pembrokeshire Seminar was the most positive ocean energy conference I have attended.”

Stephanie Thornton, Former CEO, Ocean Energy Europe

“I must thank you for the professionalism of your staff. The session worked very well and was much appreciated. Peter Davies, Chair for the day, made a point of thanking the forum for their excellent work and everyone agreed with his comments.”

Paula Whitfield, Welsh Government: Marine & Fisheries Division

“Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum CIC’s extensive networks and the knowledge and dedication of its officers have promoted public awareness and debate about coastal issues, contributed to the sustainable management of coastal recreation through a range of innovative projects, and helped put Pembrokeshire on the world map in terms of marine renewable energy. In doing so, the Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum CIC has contributed towards conservation of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, one of the UK’s most important and iconic coastal landscapes, people’s enjoyment and understanding of it, and to the sustainability and health of the regional economy.”

Tegryn Jones, Chief Executive, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority

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