Chwarae Teg Fairplay Employer

PCF have recently joined Chwarae Teg’s “Fairplay Employer” initiative, demonstrating our commitment to gender equality in the workplace.

Chwarae Teg are a charity that works to help ensure that women in Wales can enter the workplace, develop their skills and build rewarding careers. Funded by the European Social Fund, the FairPlay Employer Benchmark aims to support businesses deliver gender equality, giving the benefits of a truly balanced workforce. The programme is tailored to individual businesses, delivered by specialists and designed to help businesses attract, retain and develop talent, inspire an inclusive staff culture and improve diversity.

Alongside the employers programme, Chwarae Teg also offer a career development programme for women, which is designed to help participants gain the skills, confidence and knowledge needed to effectively progress their career journeys.

To find out about either of these, visit the Chwarae Teg website here.