The seas and coast of Wales are extremely important to our wellbeing.

Around 60% of the Welsh population live and work within our coastal zone whilst 70% of the coastline is recognised for its environmental importance and covered by a number of conservation designations.  Wales is dependent on the trade, tourism, energy and fishing industries that our seas provide.

The marine environment in Wales is at the forefront of change from a policy level. The following documents provide the framework.

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Wales’ first marine plan sets out how we will achieve sustainable development in the marine area

Aims to achieve Good Environmental Status in Europe’s seas by 2020

European legislation which promotes water management through river basin planning

An assessment of the risks associated with erosion and flooding at the coast

Get Involved…

It is important to get involved and help shape the future sustainable use of our coastal and marine environment. Have your views heard:

  • Respond to consultation
  • Attend a PCF meeting
  • Become a PCF member
  • Contact PCF directly