The water in the Milford Haven Waterway and the surrounding Pembrokeshire Marine SAC contains too much nitrogen and phosphorus. This means it fails to meet statutory water quality standards and the nutrient enrichment threatens important and protected.

The EEP-Ecobank is developing a framework for creating an enterprise capable of running a nutrient based trading scheme that is able to:

  • pay land managers for undertaking actions that benefit the natural environment beyond regulatory requirement
  • secure sustainable economic development and future investment opportunities


Building Resilience into Catchments (BRICs)

The aim of the EEP-Ecobank through the Building Resilience into Catchments (BRICs) project is to work with land managers, industry, conservation managers and communities to allow the potential growth of Pembrokeshire’s economy while improving the environment of the Milford Haven and Cleddau catchment. 

BRICs is a 3 year, £600,000+ project, led by PLANED and PCF. It is funded under the Welsh Government’s Rural Communities – Rural Development Programme Sustainable Management Scheme (SMS) which aims to support activities that will improve the management of Wales’ natural resources, and in doing so contribute to the well-being of our rural communities. BRICs is a combination of on the ground actions to improve water quality with the creation of a nutrient trading scheme which will allow the economy of Pembrokeshire to grow while improving the natural environment.