Restoring Seagrass in Dale

Restoring Seagrass in Dale

Restoring Seagrass in Dale

Seagrass Ocean Rescue – Restoring Seagrass in Dale

Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum and the Pembrokeshire Marine Special Area of Conservation are in the early stages of a project working with Sky Ocean Rescue, WWF and Swansea University to restore seagrass meadows in Wales.

The project plans to restore seagrass in a small experimental two hectare area (approximately two rugby pitches) in collaboration with local people in Dale. We want to ensure that those who enjoy or work in the sea around Dale have an opportunity to share their views about this exciting new project.

As much as 92% of the UK’s seagrass has been lost, restoring it is vital for ocean health. Seagrass has huge benefits. It can protect coasts, improve water filtration and plays the following important roles:

  • Fisheries Support – 20% of the world’s biggest fisheries are supported by seagrass meadows as fish nurseries.
  • Biodiversity Support – 50 species of fish live in or visit UK seagrass, supporting 30 times more animals than nearby habitat.
  • Fight Climate Change – Seagrasses store carbon 30 times faster than forests. Restoring them traps carbon dioxide.


Find out more and get involved

The next public meeting will be held on Monday 2nd September 7-8.3pm at Jubilee Suite, Coronation Hall, Dale. All are welcome to attend.

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To download the information boards on display at the recent public exhibition held on August 19th click here.

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Your views on this project are important. After reading the information boards from the recent public drop-in session, please click here to provide your views.

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