Join us for a water sampling exercise of the Milford Haven Waterway

The SWEPT volunteer project 2018-19 will recruit, organise, and train citizen science volunteers to collect environmental data within the Milford Haven Waterway. This data (including the results of water sample testing for nitrates and phosphates) will be used to better understand the effects of land run-off upon the marine environment, and to lead to environmental improvements.

Some stretches of the Waterway are hard to access on foot so canoes are an excellent way of collecting information. Join experienced river guide Martin Leonard on a citizen science field trip and help create a better picture of nutrient build up in the Haven.

As well as visual surveys, test equipment will be used to assess the nutrient levels in the streams at the time of the trip – all equipment will be supplied. 

The trip is led by qualified and insured instructors and all participants must be able to swim 50m. 

To sign up, please click one of the links below: