‘Bertie the Sea Bass’ on his way to Pembroke Dock

Bertie the Sea Bass

‘Bertie the Sea Bass’ on his way to Pembroke Dock

‘Bertie the Sea Bass’ on his way to Pembroke Dock

Pembroke Dock will soon be hosting the 14 foot sculpture Bertie the Sea Bass.

The structure will be located outside Pembroke Dock library with the installation taking place towards the end of April.

Pembroke Dock Town Council will be working in collaboration with Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum to provide workshops and beach cleans for the children within the local schools.

The main lead on the project is Councillor Joshua Beynon who commented: “I’m pleased Bertie is coming to Pembroke Dock after I originally saw that communities could host him.

“Whilst Bertie is in town, it gives us all the opportunity to look at how much plastic we use day in and day out and how we can all reduce our plastic consumption.

“What’s exciting about Bertie coming to Pembroke Dock is that the town council has teamed up with Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum to make the most of Bertie’s time in Pembroke Dock so please come and check him out from outside the library from the end of April.’”

Tim Brew, Education Manager at Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum says: “We’re excited to support Pembroke Dock Town Council in tackling the rising tide of marine plastics.

“We look forward to working with our partners on enabling local schools, community and businesses to take action.”

Designed by local sculptor Gideon Petersen, Bertie the Sea Bass is made form stainless steel and is filled with ‘beach clean’ plastic. Bertie is also solar powered and lights up at night.

The sculpture was made for the Turn the Tide on Plastic project, which is led by Amroth and Saundersfoot Community Councils, with support from Arwain Sir Benfro, PLANED and Valero.