Pembrokeshire Marine Code

The Marine Code Group was developed by local operators and other organisations working closely with the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority and the National Trust. These organisations are all concerned about the long-term management of the area and the development of high standards of practice. They recognise that sustainable use must be a key theme in marine recreational activities and education.

The Marine Code through voluntary codes of conduct encourages groups to show respect and consideration for the environment, wildlife and other users.

PCF have developed a toolkit outlining the lessons learned from developing the Marine Code. Click here to download a copy.


  • To promote the voluntary codes of conduct for different species and activities in relation to the different sensitivities of certain areas.
  • To promote Pembrokeshire through its quality of wildlife, landscape and scenery (which is highly valued both nationally and internationally and is covered by numerous conservation designations).
  • To promote environmental awareness through education and encourage others to lead by example


The Pembrokeshire Marine Code is promoted through:

  • Codes of Conduct – for seals, seabirds and cetaceans
  • Agreed access restriction maps – that have been drawn up by conservation experts and coastal users
  • Tide Tables – which include the codes and maps
  • Wildlife Factsheets – which also provide fun facts on local species
  • Buoys – that have been deployed around the coast of Caldey Island to raise awareness of wildlife sensitive areas
  • Mobile app – which contains all of the Marine Code information at your fingertips