Our Projects

Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum was born from the Sea Empress disaster as the need for an independent body to address issues facing our coast became apparent. Just like the response to that disaster, we work to bring people together – to start conversations and to inspire change, and although we have developed significantly over the years, our mission has not changed; to support sustainable development and to protect our coast and marine environments for current and future generations to enjoy.

Each of our projects have been developed to deliver a collaborative, sustainable approach to coastal issues and opportunities, and our work with a wide range of partners has seen us receive national and international recognition.

The breadth of our projects demonstrate how innovative and adaptive PCF can be in developing and testing new ideas. Our programmes are constantly growing and evolving as we seek new approaches to current and future challenges. 

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Educating the next generation

Protecting wildlife in Pembrokeshire

Nutrient management in the Haven Waterway

Sustainable recreation management

Developing a new industry in Wales

GIS mapping for management