Pembrokeshire Outdoor Health Project

The Pembrokeshire Outdoor Health Project is delivered in partnership with activity providers, wellbeing experts and nature organisations with the aim to support the health and wellbeing of the people of Pembrokeshire through nature-based outdoor wellbeing activities.

We connect people to outdoor opportunities by working with activity providers, local clubs and community groups to develop ‘social prescribing’ opportunities for health and social care providers like GP surgeries and health support charities, as well as being accessible by self-referral.

The Outdoor Health programmes are designed to enable people to benefit from spending time in nature, while putting into practice the 5 Ways to Wellbeing:

  • connect
  • take notice
  • learn
  • give
  • be active

Since June 2023 the project has delivered 8 Outdoor Health programmes across Pembrokeshire funded by the NRW Resilient Communities Fund. This funding has now come to an end, but you can see details of the programmes that were delivered at the bottom of this page.

We are currently in discussions with partner organisations and funders and hope to offer more Outdoor Health programmes in 2024. These will build on the successes of previous programmes and we will be working with local activity providers to create and deliver outdoor wellbeing activities in a range of locations and environments.


Stay informed

If you would like to be added to our contact list so you are kept informed of our future activities, or if you have a question about the Outdoor Health Project then please get in touch with:

Pembrokeshire Outdoor Health Project Officer:
Matt Lister | 07932 605341 |

Nature Connection and Wellbeing* – Leanne Bird: Hilton Court, Tues 25th July – Tues 29th August.
Embark on a remarkable 6-week journey to unlock the transformative power of nature and enhance your wellbeing. Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of woodlands and water environments as we guide you on an exploration of reconnecting with and harnessing the wisdom of nature. This immersive experience will not only elevate your physical and mental health but also equip you with practical skills to nurture your overall wellbeing in your everyday life. As a special addition, we will actively contribute to the preservation of nature through citizen science initiatives.Don’tmiss this incredible opportunity to join us and embark on a life-changing adventure towards a healthier, happier you. We eagerly await your presence amidst the awe-inspiring wonders of nature.”
*Registration closed – 18th July 2023

Multi-Activity Outdoor Health programme* – Llanion Cove: Pembroke Dock Fri 11th Aug – Fri 15th September.

Llanion Cove is a purpose built activity centre at a lovely riverside location on the upper reaches of the Cleddau Estuary and offers a full range of activities and facilities.Activities over the 6 week programme will include kayaking, canoeing, paddleboarding, river trips, bushcraft and climbing. Activities are for all ages and abilities and no previous knowledge or swimming ability is required. All kit, instruction and guidance will be provided.We will learn, develop and explore through our activities and will connect with nature as we progress, observing our river and shore life and also our local history. The experience will be fun and engaging, fully supported all the way by our friendly and experienced team.”
*Registration closed – 1st August 2023

Explore by SUP* – Adventure Beyond: Cardigan, Wed 6th September – Wed 11th October.
“Paddle Boards are the perfect way to explore Nature with the support of our motivated experienced Guides. We will use the time with you to help you gain a love of the outdoors like we have and build the confidence to feel safe on them. The paddle boards are the perfect mode of transport to travel along the waterways or explore the coastline of your local area taking in the amazing wildlife, flora and fauna we have. The Great outdoors is a place where we can connect with nature to help us get rid of the daily worries and concerns for a period of time.The long term aim of this project would be to inspire you to continue paddle boarding and enjoying nature. We will give you the necessary skills to remain safe, comfortable and confident in your ability at the end of the experiences with us. We will help you find long-term places and ways to continue what we have shown you.Fun. Relaxing. Meeting new people. Developing coping strategies through the outdoors.”
*Registration closed – 30th August 2023

Paddle and Connect*
 – Windswept CiC: Dale, Fri 8th September – Fri 13th October.
“Join Windswept for this unique experience that combines adventure, learning, and conservation. Learn to paddleboard, explore the stunning bay of Dale, connect with others and contribute to the preservation of seagrass habitats with Project Seagrass.”
*Registration closed – 30th August 2023

Woodland Discovery* – Buzzard Bushcraft: Kingsmill nr Castlemartin, Tues 12th Sept – Tue 17th October.
“The 6 week programme in Kingsmill wood will allow you to familiarise with this type of woodland through a variety of skills and activity. We will be indulging in plenty of bushcraft skills such as knife & axe use, spoon carving, fire making and hammock & tarp set-up. We will also be foraging and discovering what this woodland is about and the wildlife that makes this woodland buzz.”
*Registration closed – 5th September 2023

Ocean Connection and Wellbeing*– TYF: St Davids, Thurs 28th Sept – Thurs 2nd November.
Join TYF Adventure for an exploration of the St. David’s and surrounding coastline. This 6-week programme will introduce you to a range of different activities, including coasteering, surfing, coastal walking, wild swimming, kayaking, SUP (stand-up paddleboarding), that will foster a deeper connection to nature, each other and support health and wellbeing. We’ll guide you through the programme at your pace and all the activities are optional. This bespoke programme will enable you to appreciate and understand your local natural environment, learn about the local fauna and flora and what you can do to make the world a better place.”
*Registration closed – 25th September 2023

Wildlife on one Breath* – Celtic Deep: across Pembs, meeting in Haverfordwest, Wed 25th October – Wed 29th November
“Join us and find out for yourself the joy and connection that exploring our marine world on one breath can offer.During this program we will work closely with you to build confidence in yourself and in the water, learn about some of the incredible marine life found around the Pembrokeshire coastline, and help us create a fun and welcoming community for all. The sessions will be delivered by a team of friendly marine biologists and freedivers to give you the best experience possible. We will build comfort, confidence, and skills at a gentle pace. Progressing from the pool to the ocean and exploring the animals that can be found there. Threaded through the program will also be opportunities to contribute to citizen science projects and some of Celtic Deeps long-term research projects.”
*Registration closed – October 2023

Introduction to Wildswimming and Wellbeing* – Wildswim Wales: across Pembs, meeting in Haverfordwest, Tues 31st October – Tues 5th December.
“Wild Swim Wales offer beach activity sessions adapted to the weather and suitable for all seasons, all weathers, & all abilities. Our team are welcoming & friendly. None of our activities are compulsory, the emphasis being on enjoyment, inclusion, and personal achievement on whatever level individuals can manage. We encourage everyone to join in but celebrate everyone’s level of participation. We can adapt activities to suit participants and conditions on the day. Our 3 hour long beach based sessions includes transport by minibus to our chosen venue from Haverfordwest then activities such as a short easy walk, beach combing, litter pick, citizen science, water/coastal/beach safety, beach craft, rock pooling and beach life, sand/pebble/beach art, a swim/dip/paddle in the sea (which can be adapted to wheelchair users/ALN to include hands/feet in cold water), and beach fire with drinks and snacks. We visit a range of beaches with venues selected to suit the weather. If you’re hesitant about some of the more adventurous sports or are nervous of the water, this is a great easy start to learning all about what cold water immersion/being close to moving water/in nature/on the beach can do for your health & mental health and a great step towards making the sea/coast/outdoors a part of your lifestyle.”
*Registration closed – October 2023

The current programmes are being delivered with support from partners and the NRW Community Resilience fund.