Market Research

For over a decade, PCF have built strong relationships with our contact network and is respected for providing an established, trusted independent voice. Our contact network is vast, containing 1,000+ contacts representing maritime and coastal interests across all sectors.

PCF provides a neutral platform to conduct market research with your existing and potential stakeholders. We are ideally placed to question, listen and report on viewpoints, offering complete impartiality.

We will work with you to understand the research objectives, develop a research and sample plan based on our longstanding experience with our stakeholder networks and implement the appropriate process.

Our methods covers email questionnaires, telephone interviews and face-to-face meetings.

We can also provide consultation events (see Stakeholder Engagement) including design, chairing and facilitating discussion on topics.

Our membership and contacts has a vested interest in coastal and maritime matters, allowing you to obtain a better quality of interaction with participants. In short, PCF can help you achieve a better quality higher level of engagement and interaction.

Please contact us to discuss your market research requirements.