Wales Activity Mapping

Wales Activity Mapping (WAM) is a collaborative stakeholder project developed and managed by PCF. WAM provides detailed information on a range of marine and coastal activity which is displayed in a GIS system. The information is used by multiple agencies as an evidence base for coastal decision making and planning.

The project was initiated to assist in the sustainable management of marine and coastal recreation and displays information on relevant infrastructure and management issues. WAM also contains GIS layers on other marine sectors e.g. consents for all Plans and Projects in the Pembrokeshire Marine Special Area of Conservation.

Information from the project has been used by a number of organisations including Welsh Government, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority, Carmarthen Bay and Estuaries European Marine Site, Local Authorities, Marine Conservation Society, Maritime Coastguard Agency, Visit Wales and the National Trust.  It has also been used by  the private sector to provide information on Environment Impact Assessments.

The use of the GIS Mapping System has been recognised as best practice on a global scale.


10 years on…

Funded by NRW, Pembrokeshire Coastal National Park Authority and Welsh Government, PCF is updating recreational data across South West Wales 10 years on, comparing changes to original baseline data. The project is now also recording management issues and carrying out ground-breaking work on carrying capacity and recreational impacts.

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