Pembrokeshire 'Living Coast' 2024

Thank you to everyone who attended this year's event!

With so many exceptional entries this year, it was incredibly difficult to judge, but we're pleased to share the winning photographs from our 2024 Pembrokeshire 'Living Coast' Photographic competition.

Could you be part of the Future Energy industry in Pembrokeshire?

We are thrilled to extend an invitation to learning groups from Pembrokeshire to utilise our industry-standard test facility.

In our endeavour to foster a collaborative learning environment and further the research in marine technologies, we are launching a competition open to Pembrokeshire learners of all ages!

Economic and Social Evaluation of the Outdoor Activity Sector in Wales

In partnership between Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum and the Wales Adventure Tourism Organisation (WATO), this comprehensive survey, involving more than 600 individuals and businesses in spring 2023, identified significant growth in Wales’ outdoor activity sector over the past decade.

Nature Finance Review 2023 Case Study: PCF

The work of Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum around nutrient trading through the Ecosystem Enterprise Partnership is highlighted as a case study in this important area of work.

Ethnic Diversity Toolkit

Discover the Ethnic Diversity Toolkit for the Coastal Sector!

Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum is committed to making the coast accessible and enjoyable for everyone. We're sharing Represent Us (Ltd)'s Toolkit to help improve ethnic diversity in placements and create a more inclusive environment for all.

Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum - Impact Report 2022

As a stakeholder support organisation, the PCF team is proud of our work connecting communities, businesses, organisations and decision-makers. We hope you enjoy reading about our latest impacts and plans! 

Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum finalist for Wales STEM Educational Programme of the Year

Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter Group

The Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter Group (POCG) is made up of ‘like-minded‘ people who share their passion for adventure with their love of the Pembrokeshire coast and its wildlife. Members include individual adventurers, outdoor adventure businesses, environmental education centres and conservation groups/organisations.  This charter group represents a commitment by all members to good practice. All those who sign up to the charter group agree to reduce impact to landscapes and wildlife, encourage users to develop a respect and understanding of wildlife and the environment, and show consideration for all users of the area. To view the Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter click here.

The group meet regularly and run training events to develop best practice and create voluntary codes of conduct. Their aim is to ensure that adventurous activities do not impact on Pembrokeshires beautiful coastline and the wide variety of wildlife that call the area ‘home’.

A few of the best practice guidelines and or voluntary codes of conduct that POCG has collaboratively developed:

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