Thousands of coastal visitors have downloaded the brand new, Wales Coast Explorer App, to enjoy all that the wonderful Welsh coast has to offer, and learn how to protect it. 

The app was released just before the Easter Holidays in a bid to help people, businesses and visitors enjoy the sights Wales has to offer, while learning how to avoid disturbing wildlife and harming habitats.  

All over Wales the App has been downloaded by residents and visitors wanting to be involved in some citizen science and learn more about the nature on their door step. 

Popular features are the plants and animals section, where users have access to fascinating facts about birds, marine animals, wildflowers and even under water creatures such as jellyfish and Angelshark.  

Citizen Science – Another valuable feature proving popular with users is the Invasive Species section. Here users can take a picture and report a sighting of a whole range of species on the coast that shouldn’t naturally be there. These species range from the Asian Shore Crab, to Killer Shrimp and onto the more common Japanese knotweed or Himalayan balsam. In reporting these species there is not only the ability to learn about them, but also to take part in some citizen science – the reports inform the organisations managing the coast of the health and state of their area. 

The app was created by Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum in partnership with the network of managers who look after Wales’ special Marine Protected Areas. It can be downloaded using the links below: 

Download on IOS here 

Download on Android here