Her Royal Highness Princess Eugenie was full of praise for her tasty Pembrokeshire treat last week while visiting a regenerative ocean farm near St. David’s.

To celebrate World Ocean Day 2022, Princess Eugenie, an Ambassador of the Blue Marine Foundation, met the volunteer supported, community owned Câr-Y-Môr  team, learning about their pioneering project to feed people and protect the planet at the same time.

Supported by WWF-UK, Câr-Y-Môr near St David’s, is on track to become the first commercial seaweed and shellfish farm in Wales. Seaweed is versatile, easy to grow and can help restore ocean ecosystems.

Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum have been supporting the development of seaweed farming in the UK, helping Câr-Y-Môr with community introductions and stakeholder engagement. 

After a boat tour of the ocean farm, followed by a visit inland to see the processing facilities, HRH Eugenie posted about the experience on her Instagram account, telling her 1.2 million followers:

“Farming seaweed is a very efficient way to produce nutritious food (the seaweed burger was particularly good), fertilise crops and feed animals as well as giving new habitats to marine life.

WWF’s seaweed solutions project aims to accelerate the growth of regenerative ocean farming to improve biodiversity, sequester carbon and to provide products for use in food, feed and bioplastics.”

Unlike traditional food crops, seaweed does not require fertilizer, pesticides, freshwater, or land. It grows rapidly in the ocean, absorbing carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus, while creating new habitat for marine life. Seaweed can also be grown alongside other species, such as oysters and mussels, to create a mixed farming system.


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