Development of the Gwynedd Marine Code

Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum is collaborating with the Pen Llŷn a’r Sarnau Special Area of Conservation (SAC) on their Gwynedd Marine Code project.

Following on from the successful launch of the updated Gwynedd Marine Code in 2016, the Pen Llŷn a’r Sarnau SAC have a vision to develop the code further, through the addition of a mapping aspect. Maps can provide information on both areas and the time of year certain marine species can be sensitive to disturbance, giving marine users the opportunity to plan their journeys to minimise negative impacts. This approach has been successfully adopted in Pembrokeshire.

The Sustainable Recreation Team at Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum led on the development of the Pembrokeshire Marine Code in 2002, a voluntary approach to minimising disturbance to marine wildlife, founded on a partnership of knowledge between conservation organisations and recreational tour operators.

PCF is now excited to be collaborating with the Pen Llŷn a’r Sarnau SAC to help develop their Gwynedd Marine Code project. The project aims to bring local operators and stakeholders together to share their views, with initial engagement meetings held mid-January and further meetings taking place later in the year.

If you would like to get involved with the development of this project, please contact us or get in touch with the Pen Llŷn a’r Sarnau SAC.


For further information regarding the Pembrokeshire Marine Code can be found at