Find out more about Pembrokeshire’s spectacular fauna and flora with these beautifully illustrated wildlife factsheets.

The wildlife factsheets have a whole host of interesting and fun information on the plants, animals, and geology of the Pembrokeshire coast that you are most likely to see while out adventuring; from coastal birds and cetaceans to jellyfish and geology. This booket will teach you more about the natural coastal and marine environment along your journey.  

The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park has some of the most unspolit and sepectacular scenary in the UK.  It is rich in wildlife and is designated as being internationally and nationally important for marine habitats and species. 

The sale of this booklet will support the Pembrokeshire Marine Code;  protecting marine wildlife through codes of conduct and agreed access restrictions to minimise disturbance to wildlife especially during sensitive times such as breeding or pupping seasons.  Whilst out enjoying the natural environment in Pembrokeshire, make sure you follow the Pembrokeshire Marine Code to help preserve and protect the marine wildlife that makes the coastline so special. 

To find out more about the Pembrokeshire Marine Code go to:

The Pembrokeshire Wildlife Factsheets booklet is bound in A5, which can easily fit into a large pocket or backpack. To purchase your copy of the Pembrokeshire Wildlife Facts Booklet (£2 plus p&p) please contact our Project Manager Paul – 01646 405693