Marine Code Environmental Training Days

As part of our Pembrokeshire Marine Code project we are hosting a number of environmental training events, starting the ball rolling with a geology training day at the end of March.

The Marine Code aims to protect Pembrokeshire’s amazing wildlife and teaches people how to enjoy nature responsibly. With an inspiring line-up of speakers, these events will provide an opportunity to learn more about the Pembrokeshire coast and will be free to attend. They will also highlight the use of the Pembrokeshire Marine Code App, which can be used to identify and record local wildlife and invasive species.

Reasons to attend:

  • Learn more about the array of animals and plants we share our coastline with
  • Explore best practice and codes of conduct to help minimise disturbance
  • Use the Marine Code App, as a tool to identify and report wildlife sightings

The events will also give attendees the opportunity to learn about the SUPKids programme, a project working with wildlife and history experts from partner organisations, which has developed educational materials to show-case the amazing culture and nature experiences Pembrokeshire offers.