Are you a local business that would like to support the protection of marine wildlife by stocking our 2021 Marine Code Tide Tables? Get in touch!

The Marine Code aims to protect Pembrokeshire’s amazing wildlife by promoting voluntary codes of conduct and seasonal agreed access restrictions.

Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum is continuing to educate people on how to minimise wildlife disturbance and we need your help! We have combined tide tables, interesting wildlife facts and the codes of conduct into a pocket-sized booklet to help users plan their adventures on the Pembrokeshire coast. Help us spread the message of the Marine Code by buying our tide tables, or stocking them within your local business.

All proceeds from the sale of the tide tables will contribute to the protection of marine wildlife and conservation of the coastline.

If you would like to order our 2021 tide tables please get in touch with Alec Denny, Sustainable Recreation Coodinator at 

Find out more about the Marine Code here.