New website launched for Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter


Coordinated by Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum, the Outdoor Charter Group was established in 2002 in order to promote the sustainable use of Pembrokeshire’s landscapes for recreational and leisure activities.

The aim of the Charter is to ensure that adventurous activities do not negatively impact on Pembrokeshire’s beautiful coastline, local communities and the wide variety of wildlife that call the area ‘home’.

From a humble beginnings, the Outdoor Charter Group has grown to include 450 members and represents over 40 outdoor adventure businesses working with every relevant authority to achieve common goals.

The Outdoor Charter Group has three basic principles that applies to everything it does and the activities it carries out:-

  • Respect other people
  • Protect the natural environment
  • Enjoy the outdoors and stay safe
Earlier this month we were very pleased to announce the launch of the brand new Outdoor Charter website which gives guidance on how to adventure sustainably, the best locations for outdoor activities and how you can sign up to the Charter. Check it out here –