PCF and Coed Lleol have begun work in partnership to improve health and wellbeing by providing opportunities for participation in outdoor nature-based programmes.  The development of social prescribing ‘clusters’ will streamline referral systems, increase participation and embed nature within community wellbeing. The work is being funded by the Welsh Government ENRaW (Enabling Natural Resources and Wellbeing) fund. 

An outdoor health ‘cluster’ will be developed working collectively with a number of partners across Pembrokeshire to deliver concrete opportunities for green social prescribing, to engage health professionals in a deeper understanding of opportunities to improve health and wellbeing through activities in the natural environment. Supporting a move to preventative health care which encourages behaviour change.   

This will encourage more physical activity; improve wellbeing through engagement with positive group activities; and increase connection to nature by giving something back to the natural world through e.g. volunteering to improve habitat management in a local green space.   

PCF welcomes Nicki Price who has joined the team to focus on this area of work, and brings years of experience working within the health sector in Pembrokeshire to this work.  Engagement with a variety of stakeholders wil begin shortly, if you have an interest in hearing more or being apart of providing outdoor Health opportunities in Pembrokeshire please get in touch with nicolaprice@smallwoods.org.uk or paul.renfro@pembrokeshirecoastalforum.org.uk