Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum Model recommended across Wales

The Review of Designated Landscapes in Wales was commissioned by the Minister for Natural Resources, Carl Sargeant AM in 2014 to “ensure that our designated landscapes are
best equipped to meet current and future challenges while building upon their internationally recognised status”.

He also wanted the independent panel to consider the governance and management arrangements of Wales’ eight designated landscapes; how any future governing body/bodies would best promote collaboration and joint working while avoiding duplication and how any future governing body would best reinforce local accountability and decision making. Consideration was also given to the future role of National Park Authorities as planning authorities and promotion of diversity on the boards of bodies managing these areas.

Over the past year, a wide range of evidence, locally, nationally and internationally has been gathered and recommendations are in the Review of Designated Landscapes Report.

This report presents a set of recommendations that meet the requirements set by the Minister and are interconnected. A suite of guiding Principles have been produced which have, in turn, informed the changes we have made to the Purposes of designated landscapes in Wales. We then set out a new Vision for the National Landscapes, which represent 25% of the land area of Wales, and finally set out our recommended Governance Framework for delivery.

Perspective of our designated landscapes has changed, they remain, in some sense the passive ‘green lungs’ for the urban populations, but they also have the potential to become dynamic and productive ‘factories of well-being’. The recommendations help our designated landscapes realise that potential and we look forward to the support of the Welsh Government to allow this ¼ of Wales deliver for the Nation as a whole.

For further information, click here to read the report.