Pembrokeshire Sustainable Shellfish Pilot Initiative

What’s it like to be a fisherman in Pembrokeshire? Watch this beautifully shot, inspirational short film to find out more about what local fishermen are doing here…and if you want to know more or get involved, then get in touch.

The Pembrokeshire Sustainable Shellfish Pilot Initiative (PSSPI) is testing voluntary measures to try to improve fishing sustainability within the local potting fleet. It aims to encourage fishermen to incorporate one or more trials within their fishing practices. The pilot allows trialling of gear modifications at no cost to fishermen and incorporation of feedback into final outputs that will be shared widely. The pilot aims to raise awareness and understanding of the environmental and economic issues associated with ghost fishing of static gear, and of voluntary measures to improve fishing sustainability.

For more information about this innovative project, visit the Pembrokeshire Marine SAC website here.