Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum & Netherwood Sustainable Futures are working with Pembrokeshire Public Services Board to develop a Pembrokeshire-wide Climate Adaptation Strategy. For more detailed background information click here

Through a series of five facilitated workshops between January and May 2022 we are collecting multiple perspectives from leaders, businesses, public authorities and community leaders/representatives to influence this work. We invite you to attend and contribute – your input is important to help Pembrokeshire adapt and build resilience to the health, environmental and financial implications of a changing climate. 

Last week we ran our first workshop on “Information Sharing” and gathered some valuable information from attendees. 

You can get involved in the next steps by: 

  • Registering for the next workshop “Exploring Best Practice” on 22nd Feb. For more information and to register click here
  • Registering for the third workshop “Prioritising Actions” on 22nd March. For more information and to register click here
  • Indicating your interest to stay informed by emailing 

This project is funded by the UK Government through the UK Community Renewal Fund